Adventure in a Cup

Client: Klydo Tea

Design Challenge: Michael and Fanny, the Klydo founders, traveled the world and discovered that tea in other countries is infinitely more creative than at home in China. So, they needed help to craft a youthful and metropolitan brand that would introduce the concept of mixed tea to a new generation of Chinese tea drinkers, providing them adventures in a cup.

Design Solution: Klydo’s identity is a kaleidoscopic eye that radiants with the excitement of world culture and flavor coming together in a cup of magical herbal mixture. The purple color is anti-earth tone and metrosexual, perfect for the cultured urbanists.

mengshuidesign graphics-32

mengshuidesign graphics-34

A vibrant visual system was created to identify each tea category as well as showcasing the endless possibilities of flavor combinations. With future retail possibilities in mind, the design of the cans allow stacking to create kaleidoscopic walls.

mengshuidesign graphics-33Four gift packaging designs are created for Klydo’s monthly special collections: Across the Universe for Chinese Valentines Day, telling the story of modern day long-distance relationships; Wonder Island for late summer, Fantasy Worlds for fall and Little Britain for early winter. The themes came out through icons, colors and photographic collages, while still working within the visual frame of the whole brand.

mengshuidesign graphics-31

Klydo’s website is extremely experimental, an adventure itself, to be discovered just like the tea flavors! (The site is currently under construction.)

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