Branding Weekly

If you have ever come to my website, saw the big numbers from 1 to12, clicked in and realized you could not read Chinese, I apologize for the disappointment. They were my new year’s resolution for 2014. Branding Weekly, I called the collection, my weekly writing on brands and branding. Like most new year’s resolutions, it was not completely carried out as planed. Weekly almost turned into Monthly, but I’m very proud to say that through out the year, I did try to write whenever I can and I did make sure of the quality when I write.

When I started, the selfish purpose of this writing exercise was to grow myself into an observer, especially in the practice of branding. Knowing myself as more of a big-picture person than a detail oriented one, I intentionally trained myself to really get into the brands I wrote about by thoroughly researching online, personally experience everything I could find, and carefully exam every aspect of their brand execution. On a higher level, I also wanted to introduce these great branding examples to my Chinese readers, who have not been exposed to such authentic experiences and have been settling with whatever they have in the Chinese market. These writings have conveniently been used by Emense as cases studies to educate/inspire our Chinese clients, as well as to impress the potential ones.

Below is a list of brands I wrote about, linked to each piece:

1. Warby Parker, Branding Weekly #1

2. Chobani, Yogurt Truly

3. David’s Tea, Tea Time 

4. Mast Brother’s Chocolate, Brothers of Chocolate

5. This American Life, This American Love

6., People Subscription

7. General Assembly, A School of Start-Ups

8. Quirky, *not published

8. Beast Flowers, Tales of Flowers, *in English

9. Everlane, Transparent Clothing

10. Chu Cheng, King of Citrus, *in English

11. Normal, All Ears

12. Thinx, For Women with Periods

My goal for 2015 is to keep writing, but add on more professional insights, personal stories and even look inside the company culture, providing valuable original content for readers who care.

Here’s the latest list of brands I hope to look into this year, realistically every month, not in exact order:

Charity Water


Air BnB

Oscar Insurance

Simple Bank





…  And of course any new comer who successfully shake up the market, and more writings in English on the discovery of great Chinese brands. Looking forward to the new adventures!

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