Future of Business Travel

Client: Threadfarer

Design Challenge: Threadfarer is renting professional attire so traveling businessmen don’t have to lug it across nations, states, and cities. Fresh pressed suits are becoming available throughout New York City, and eventually wherever the next trip is. Emense is a founding member and ongoing partner of this venture, developing the brand from the ground up and helping to win mentors and investors. The design for Threadafarer needs to clearly communicate how it works, while projecting success in a tasteful way for its customers.

mengshuidesign graphics-25Design Solution:

A Threadfarer customer is one who travels for new opportunities, thrilled by the adventure, pleased by the style, and surprised by how easy the process can now be. The design is sophisticated but effortless, the color bold and exciting, the communication clear, light-hearted and persuasive.

mengshuidesign graphics-24


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